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Have you been dreaming about white sand beaches and over water bungalows? You might want to start planning your trip to French Polynesia.

Hands down, there is no way to deny that French Polynesia is a once in a lifetime, bucket list dream vacation destination!

I'm sure you've heard of the infamous honeymoon like destinations such as, Bora Bora and Tahiti. Well, there are 116 additional island and atolls that make up French Polynesia and they're all waiting for you to explore them. If you're looking for incredible culture, the best fish in the world, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, ATV tours, swimming with sharks and rays, whale watching, sky diving, relaxation on beautiful white sand beaches, enjoy an incredible bungalow, and more then, you my friend want to visit the Island of Moorea! And, of course, you want to be as prepared as possible! If it's your first time visiting the Island of Moorea you're in the right place! Start here y reading this ultimate guide to the Island of Moorea.



What is the island of Moorea like? Well, a dream world. To tell the truth, it's a real struggle to even begin to describe Moorea properly but, I’ll do my best. Shortly after your arrival you'll notice a cool mountain breeze on your skin, the intoxicating scent of flowers, and of course, the tranquil sight of the ocean. Quickly, overwhelmed by the landscape, your eyes are scanning in every direction. So much so, that your thoughts need a few seconds to catch up to your senses. The best I can compare the feeling to is that feeling of complete freedom when riding along the coast of California or cruising down an open road on a Harley Davidson.

The mesmerizing deep sapphire blues that meet the horizon, the bright and intense aqua shore waters, almost as if it’s glowing. All of a sudden, your thoughts, cares, and worries are slowly put to peace. Turning to look the other way you're stunned. Here is this massive volcanic mountain! It is covered in so many shades of green from the wide variety of trees growing. How? What planet is this? Is this real life?

How to get to the island of Moorea. In order to get to any of the islands you will first fly into Tahiti, airport code PPT. From Tahiti, you have two options:

1) A 15-minute flight from Tahiti to Moorea, airport code MOZ.

2) Or take a taxi to the ferry in 10 minutes. Take said ferry to Moorea, about 30 minutes. For the current schedules, click on their names Aremeti and Teravau.

Cost: $15 for Aremeti and $11.60 for Teravau. Aremeti is few more dollars because the bus schedule runs with the arrival of Aremeti. To clarify, you must pay for a bus ticket.

So, only taxi's will be available when taking the Teravau. Trust, there is no need to purchase ferry tickets in advance, there is always room. However, if you're taking a vehicle from island to island, I would highly recommend purchasing prior to, in person.